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Mac ¤ Mer

Baby Names Unisex

Unique unisex baby names on M and their meanings, name (origin - meaning).
Mercury (latin name - god of trade)
Meris (latin name - of the sea)
Merrill (english name - falcon)
Merritt (latin name - deserving of good fortune)
Merton (english name - town near the pond)
Meryl (english name - falcon)
Meryle (french name)
Messina (african name - the spoiler)
Mhina (african name - delightful)
Mialy (malagasy name)
Micheal (american name)
Michon (hebrew name - who is like God)
Mickey (american name)
Mika (native american name - wise little raccoon)
Mikaili (african name - god like)
Mikkel (german name - who is like god)
Milan (latin name)
Milandu (african name - case to answer)
Miller (english name - mill worker)
Mills (english name - near the mills)
Mimir (scandinavian name - god of prophecy)
Ming (chinese name - yue bright moon)
Minor (american name - junior, younger)
Minty (english name - collector of thoughts, determined protector)
Miracle (american name - divine act)
Mirit (hebrew name - bitter)
Misae (native american name - white hot sun)
Misu (native american name - ripples in the water)
Mitsu (japanese name - light)
Mizell (english name - tiny gnat)
Mo (american name - dark skinned)
Moke (hawaiian name)
Monahan (celtic name - religious man)
Monet (french name - solitary)
Monroe (celtic name - near the river roe)
Montana (latin name - mountain)
Moon (american name)
Moon-unit (american name - one that orbits the moon)
Moral (american name - lovely thoughts)
More (english name - great)
Morey (american name)
Morgan (welsh name - the edge of the sea)
Morley (english name - of the moor)
Morrigan (celtic name - war goddess)
Morrison (english name - son of morris)
Mostyn (welsh name - fortress in a field)
Munin (scandinavian name - memory)
Murphy (celtic name - sea warrior)
Murray (scandinavian name - sailor)
Murron (celtic name - bitter)
Musoke (african name - rainbow)