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Unique unisex baby names on N and their meanings, name (origin - meaning).
Naal (celtic name - birth)
Naiser (african name - founder of clans)
Nalani (hawaiian name - heaven's calm)
Nalin (hindi name - lotus flower)
Nalo (african name - lovable)
Namir (persian name - swift cat)
Naolin (spanish name - aztec god of the sun)
Natine (african name - of the natine tribe)
Natividad (spanish name - of the nativity)
Natsu (japanese name - born in summer)
Nature (american name - nature)
Naveen (celtic name - beautiful, pleasant)
Navid (american name - beloved)
Nayan (hindi name - eye)
Neely (celtic name - victor)
Neo (american name - new)
Nevada (spanish name - covered in snow)
Nevin (german name - nephew)
Newlyn (celtic name - from the spring)
Niabi (native american name - fawn)
Niall (celtic name - champion)
Niamh (celtic name - bright)
Nida (native american name - elf)
Niel (hebrew name)
Nikita (slavic name - victorious people)
Nili (hebrew name - pea plant)
Noe (french name - born on christmas, peace)
Noel (born on christmas day)
Noelle (latin name)
Nolan (celtic name - well known)
Noland (celtic name - well known)
Nonnie (latin name - ninth)
Nori (japanese name - belief)
Norris (french name - from the north)
Nova (latin name - new)
Nowles (english name - forest cove)
Nox (greek name - goddess of the night)
Nuhad (arabic name - brave)
Nuri (hebrew name - flaming lights)
Nuru (swahili name - light)
Nyoka (african name - snake)