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Rab ¤ Rum

Baby Names Unisex

Unique unisex baby names on R and their meanings, name (origin - meaning).
Rabia (african name - spring)
Rach (african name - frog)
Rafferty (celtic name - wealthy)
Rafiki (african name - friend)
Rain (american name - abundant blessings from above)
Raine (english name - wise ruler)
Raleigh (english name - field of birds)
Ranae (french name - ressurected)
Randi (english name - wolf shield)
Raviya (tatar name)
Reagan (celtic name - son of the small ruler)
Red (american name)
Reda (arabic name - satisfied)
Redell (english name - red meadow)
Redford (english name - over the red river)
Reed (english name - red haired)
Reegan (american name - one who rules)
Reese (welsh name - enthusiastic)
Regan (celtic name - king's heir)
Reggie (german name - advisor to the king)
Reid (english name - red headed)
Reilly (celtic name - small stream)
Remedy (american name - cure)
Remy (french name)
Ren (japanese name - arranger)
Renate (french name - reborn)
Renny (celtic name - compact strength)
Rey (french name - king)
Rhodes (greek name - field of roses)
Rhys (welsh name - stream)
Ricky (american name - powerful, rich)
Rider (english name - farmer)
Rigg (english name - lives near the ridge)
Riley (celtic name - small stream)
Rin (japanese name - park)
River (american name - from the river)
Robbin (english name - famous brilliance)
Robin (english name - famous brilliance)
Rocio (italian name - dewdrops)
Rollin (english name - wolf)
Romy (latin name - from the city of rome)
Ronan (celtic name - little seal)
Rong (chinese name - glory)
Ronnie (latin name)
Ronny (latin name - true image)
Rory (celtic name - famous ruler, red)
Rowan (celtic name - tree with red berries, mountain)
Rowdy (american name - loud, spirited)
Royal (english name - of the king)