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Mac ¤ Mer

Baby Names Unisex

Unique unisex baby names on M and their meanings, name (origin - meaning).
Mackenzie (celtic name)
Maddox (english name)
Madison (english name)
Maemi (japanese name - honest child)
Maeron (celtic name - bitter)
Maeryn (celtic name - bitter)
Magan (greek name - pearl)
Mahal (love)
Mahari (african name - for giver)
Mahdi (african name - the expected one)
Maik (hawaiian name - now)
Maimun (arabic name - lucky)
Maine (french name - mainland)
Maitland (english name - meadow)
Maj (scandinavian name - pearl)
Makaio (hawaiian name - gift of god)
Makani (hawaiian name - the wind)
Makya (native american name - one who hunts eagles)
Mallow (celtic name - by the river Allo)
Malory (french name - bad luck)
Mandel (german name - almond)
Mandell (german name - almond)
Manning (english name)
Mar (spanish name - the sea)
March (latin name - walk forth)
Mare (french name - the sea)
Mariatu (african name - pure)
Mariko (japanese name - circle)
Marin (latin name - of the sea)
Marinel (latin name - of the sea)
Markku (scandinavian name - rebellious)
Marlas (greek name - high tower)
Marlin (hebrew name - bitter)
Marlow (english name - slope by the pond)
Marnin (hebrew name - joy giver)
Maro (japanese name - myself)
Marrim (english name - chinese tribe)
Marvel (french name - to wonder, admire)
Mashaka (african name - trouble)
Mason (french name - stone worker)
Matias (spanish name)
Mattox (english name - god's gift)
Matty (german name - strong fighter)
Mauli (hawaiian name - black)
Maverick (american name - wildly independent)
Mayes (english name - field)
Mckale (celtic name - who is like god?)
Mead (english name - from the meadow)
Mel (celtic name - mill worker)
Meli (native american name - bitter)
Menefer (egyptian name - beautiful city)
Mercer (english name - merchant)