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Tab ¤ Tig

Baby Names Unisex

Unique unisex baby names on T and their meanings, name (origin - meaning).
Taban (celtic name - genius)
Taffy (welsh name - beloved)
Tai (chinese name)
Tait (polish name - cheerful)
Taite (english name - cheerful)
Tal (hebrew name - morning dew)
Tala (native american name - wolf)
Talasi (native american name - cornflower)
Talen (french name - claw)
Talleen (hindi name - absorbed)
Talli (native american name - hero)
Tannar (english name - leather worker)
Tanner (german name - leather worker)
Tannis (greek name - hide tanner)
Tao (chinese name - peach, long life)
Tarachand (hindi name - star)
Taran (american name - earth)
Taregan (native american name - crane)
Tarin (celtic name - rocky hill)
Tate (english name - he who brings happiness)
Taurus (latin name - the bull)
Tave (french name)
Tavi (hebrew name - good)
Taylor (english name - tailor)
Tayte (scandinavian name - happy)
Tayten (american name - beautiful happiness)
Teagan (celtic name - attractive)
Teal (american name - greenish blue color)
Teenie (american name - small one)
Teige (american name - poet)
Telly (greek name - wise, best)
Temple (english name - sanctuary)
Teneil (african-american name)
Terran (celtic name - earth)
Terris (latin name - tender, good gracious)
Terry (latin name)
Terryal (american name - reaper)
Teshi (african name - cheerful, full of laughter)
Teva (hebrew name - nature)
Tevin (african-american name - son of kevin)
Tex (american name)
Thady (greek name - praise)
Thane (english name - landowner)
Themba (african name - trusted)
Theron (greek name - hunter)
Thi (vietnamese name - poetry)
Thu (vietnamese name - autumn)
Thuong (vietnamese name - love tenderly)
Tiassale (african name - it is forgotten)
Tiburon (spanish name - shark)