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Lac ¤ Luc

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Unique unisex baby names on L and their meanings, name (origin - meaning).
Lachlan (celtic name - from the lake)
Laken (american name - from the lake)
Lakin (african-american name - found treasure)
Lakyle (celtic name - half wood)
Landen (english name - grassy plain)
Landry (english name - rough land)
Lane (english name - narrow road)
Lang (scandinavian name - tall one)
Lani (hawaiian name - sky)
Laramie (french name - tears of love)
Larue (french name - the street)
Lave (italian name - burning rock)
Lavender (english name - purple flowering plant)
Lavey (hebrew name)
Lavi (hebrew name - lion)
Layne (english name - narrow road)
Le (chinese name - joy)
Leal (french name - faithful)
Lee (english name - sheltered from the storm)
Leigh (english name)
Leslie (celtic name - meadowlands)
Lex (greek name - word)
Lexiss (american name - protector of mankind)
Li (chinese name - pretty/powerful)
Liberty (american name - freedom)
Lilo (hawaiian name - generous one)
Lindley (english name - pasture)
Lindsay (english name - linden trees near the water)
Lindsey (english name - linden trees near the water)
Lindy (spanish name)
Linh (vietnamese name)
Lirit (hebrew name - musical grace)
Lisle (french name - of the island)
Loba (african name - to talk)
Locke (english name - forest)
Loe (hawaiian name - king)
Logan (celtic name - small cove)
Loki (scandinavian name - trickster god)
Lolovivi (african name - love is sweet)
London (english name - fortress of the moon)
Lorand (hungarian name - crowned with laurel)
Lorant (hungarian name - crowned with laurel)
Lore (american name - crowned with laurel)
Loren (american name - crowned with laurel)
Lorin (english name - crowned with laurel)
Loring (french name - famous in war)
Lou (german name - famous warrior)
Louvain (english name - city in belgium)
Love (scandinavian name - famous and powerful)
Loyal (english name - faithful, true)