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Unique unisex baby names on B and their meanings, name (origin - meaning).
Baby (english name)
Bailey (english name - steward)
Banji (african name - second born of twins)
Barr (english name - lawyer)
Barrett (german name - strength of a bear)
Bayle (american name - beautiful)
Baylee (english name - bailiff)
Bel (hindi name - sacred wood)
Bell (french name - beautiful)
Bennett (latin name - little blessed one)
Bern (french name - brave)
Berne (french name - bold as a bear)
Billie (german name - defender of justice)
Blaine (english name - the source of a river)
Blair (celtic name - field)
Blaise (french name - stammerer)
Blake (english name - pale)
Blaze (american name - flame)
Blue (american name - the color)
Bo (hebrew name - strong and fast)
Brady (celtic name - broad shouldered)
Branxton (english name)
Brasen (american name - god's gift)
Brayden (celtic name - brave)
Brazil (celtic name - strife)
Breckin (celtic name - freckled)
Brede (polish name)
Breindel (hebrew name - blessing)
Brencis (slavic name - crowned with laurel)
Brend (celtic name - little raven)
Brett (celtic name - briton, british)
Briar (english name - shrub or small tree)
Brilane (english name - from brigham lane)
Brilliant (american name - to sparkle)
Brinly (english name - virtuous, princess)
Brit (english name)
Britain (english name)
Brogan (celtic name - sturdy and strong)
Bron (african name - the source)
Brook (english name - running stream)
Brooke (english name - brook, stream)
Brooklyn (english name - brook, stream)
Brynn (celtic name - small hill)