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Unique unisex baby names on D and their meanings, name (origin - meaning).
Dacey (latin name - down below)
Dagan (hebrew name - grain of corn)
Dakota (native american name - native american tribal name)
Dallas (celtic name - wise)
Dallin (celtic name - from the dale)
Dallon (english name)
Dante (latin name - lasting)
Daray (celtic name - dark)
Darby (celtic name - free man)
Darcy (celtic name - dark one)
Darian (celtic name)
Daryl (french name - dear, beloved)
Davan (celtic name)
Davin (scandinavian name - finnish person)
Day (american name - light and hope)
Dayton (english name - bright and sunny town)
December (american name - month name)
Deiondre (african-american name - valley)
Deka (african name - pleasing)
Del (celtic name)
Delaine (celtic name - descendent of the challenger)
Delaney (celtic name - enemy's child)
Delling (scandinavian name - scintillating)
Denim (american name - strong cloth)
Denver (american name - green valley)
Deon (american name - divine queen)
Derby (celtic name - from the village of danes)
Derry (celtic name - red-head)
Des (spanish name - desire)
Desi (spanish name - desire)
Devan (celtic name - writer of poetry)
Deven (hindi name - like a god)
Devin (english name - poet)
Devon (english name - poet)
Dharma (hindi name - ultimate law of all things)
Diamond (english name - brilliant gem)
Dian (german name - from god of wine)
Diara (african name - gift)
Dillian (american name - combination of dillon and gillian)
Dior (french name - present)
Domani (italian name - tomorrow)
Dorian (greek name - from the sea)
Dorsey (celtic name)
Duff (english name - baker)
Dumi (african name - the inspirer)
Dunne (english name - brown)
Dusty (english name)
Dyre (scandinavian name - dear heart)