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Aba ¤ Asa

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Unique unisex baby names on A and their meanings, name (origin - meaning).
Abana (biblical name - made of stone)
Abarim (biblical name - passenger)
Abie (hebrew name - god is joy)
Adair (english name - noble, exalted)
Addison (english name - son of adam)
Adlai (hebrew name - god is just)
Adriel (latin name - congregation)
Africa (african name - pleasant)
Afton (celtic name - from the afton river)
Aidan (celtic name - fiery)
Aiken (english name - from the oak trees)
Aja (hindu name - goat)
Akia (african name - first born)
Aldis (english name - from the old house)
Aleron (french name - epaulet worn by a knight)
Alex (greek name - protector of mankind)
Alexis (greek name - protector of mankind, helper)
Ali (arabic name - noble, sublime)
Alta (latin name - tall and lofty)
Alva (latin name - fair complected)
Amani (african name - peace)
America (latin name - land of the prince)
Americus (latin name - royalty)
Ameya (hindu name - boundless)
Amiel (hebrew name - god of my people)
Amiri (african name - prince)
Amor (spanish name - love)
An (chinese name - peace)
Andrea (greek name - courageous)
Andren (english name - from the town of ardres, france)
Angel (greek name - angelic)
Aoko (african name - outside)
Aquarius (latin name - the water bearer)
Arawn (welsh name - king of the otherworld)
Arden (latin name - thrilled and excited)
Aren (scandinavian name - eagle, ruler, peace)
Ari (hebrew name - lion)
Arich (thai name)
Ariel (hebrew name - lion of god)
Arien (hebrew name - enchanted)
Aries (latin name - the ram)
Arion (hebrew name - with melody)
Arnon (hebrew name - stream, river)
Artemis (greek name - goddess of the moon and hunt)
Artemus (greek name - of the moon)
Arvid (polish name - eagle tree)
Arya (hindu name - honored, noble)