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Sab ¤ Shu

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Unique unisex baby names on S and their meanings, name (origin - meaning).
Sabah (arabic name - morning)
Sabin (italian name - from the sabines)
Sadiki (african name - believe)
Sage (english name - prophet)
Saidi (african name - helper)
Sailor (american name - sailor)
Saku (japanese name - remembrance of the lord)
Salus (greek name - goddess of health)
Sam (hebrew name - god's word)
Sammy (hebrew name)
Sandy (greek name)
Sanjeet (hindi name - invincible)
Santa (latin name - saint)
Sanyu (japanese name - happiness)
Sarda (african name - hurried)
Sarki (african name - chief)
Sasha (russian name)
Sasson (hebrew name - joy)
Satu (japanese name - fairytale)
Sawyer (english name - woodcutter)
Saxen (celtic name - swordsman)
Saxon (english name - germanic tribe)
Saxton (english name - swordsman)
Schuyler (dutch name - scholar)
Scorpio (latin name - the scorpion)
Scout (american name - first explorer)
Sean (celtic name - god is gracious)
Seda (armenian name - forest voices)
Seghen (african name - ostrich)
Seiko (japanese name - force, truth)
Selas (african name - trinity)
Seven (american name - the number 7)
Severin (french name - severe)
Sevilen (turkish name - loved)
Shadow (english name - shade from sun)
Shae (english name - gift)
Shalom (hebrew name - peace - hello)
Shan (chinese name - coral)
Shane (celtic name - god is gracious)
Shannan (celtic name - ancient god)
Shannen (celtic name - god's gracious gift)
Shannon (celtic name - little wise owl)
Shelby (english name - sheltered town)
Shelley (english name - meadow on a ledge)
Shelly (english name - meadow on a ledge)
Sheridan (celtic name - wild)
Shields (celtic name - loyal protector)
Shiloh (hebrew name - peaceful)
Shirin (persian name - sweet)
Shoney (celtic name - sea god)