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Unique unisex baby names on P and their meanings, name (origin - meaning).
Page (english name - youthful assistant)
Pahana (native american name - lost white brother)
Paisley (celtic name - fashion teardrop print)
Palani (hawaiian name - free man)
Paley (english name)
Pallas (greek name - understanding)
Palmer (english name - palm bearer, peacemaker)
Palti (hebrew name - my escape, deliverance)
Paras (hindi name - touchstone)
Paris (french name - city in france)
Park (chinese name - cypress tree)
Parker (english name - park keeper)
Parkin (celtic name - young peter)
Parlan (celtic name)
Parley (english name - to speak)
Parrish (greek name - neighborhood)
Parry (english name - son of harry)
Parson (english name - minister, clergy)
Pascha (slavic name - born on easter)
Pasha (greek name - born on easter)
Pat (greek name - of noble descent)
Pavan (hindi name - breeze)
Pax (greek name - peace)
Paxton (latin name - town of peace)
Payton (english name - village of the warrior)
Paz (spanish name - peace or gold)
Pelham (english name - town of fur skin)
Pembroke (english name - broken hill)
Penha (swahili name - beloved)
Penn (english name - corral)
Peregrine (latin name - wanderer)
Perrin (latin name - traveler)
Peyton (english name - village of the warrior)
Phoenix (greek name - rising bird)
Phyre (armenian name - burning bright)
Pierce (french name)
Pillan (native american name - god of stormy weather)
Ping (chinese name - duckweed)
Piper (english name - flute player)
Piperel (french name - piper, flutist)
Pirro (greek name - red-haired)
Pisces (latin name - the fish)
Platt (french name - ground without slope)
Pooky (american name - little cute person)
Poppy (latin name - from the flower)
Porsche (german name - offering)
Porter (latin name - door guard)
Prentice (english name - beginner, learning)
Presley (english name - priest's land)
Preston (english name - priest's town)
Prosper (latin name - fortune)
Pyralis (greek name - of fire)